Research and talks

Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions actively researches software governance and license compliance issues together with researchers from various universities around the world and legal professionals around the world. Tjaldur employees have published papers at several conferences.

Software Governance

GPL compliance engineering workshop Taiwan 2010

We participated in a GPL compliance engineering workshop organised by OSSF in Taiwan.

Android Builders Summit 2011

At the 2011 Android Builders Summit talk about Licensing Pitfalls in Android and How to Avoid Them was presented. A video recording of this talk is available.

Mining Software Repositories 2011 conference

At the Mining Software Repositories 2011 conference the paper "Finding Software License Violations Through Binary Code Clone Detection" was presented. This paper describes several novel methods to discover the presence of software packages in binary files. One method described in the paper has since been integrated in the Binary Analysis Tool.

LinuxCon Europe 2011

At LinuxCon Europe 2011 the latest research project called What goes into an executable? Identifying a Binary's Sources by Tracing Build Processes (sent to ICSE 2012, not accepted yet) was presented.

EOLE 2011

Tjaldur participated with a talk and panel at the European Open Source & Free Software Law Event 2011.

FOSS Con Korea 2011

At the inaugural FOSS Con Korea Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions presented about Android licensing pitfalls.

LinuxCon Europe 2013

At LinuxCon Europe 2013 in Edinburgh we gave a presentation about the Binary Analysis Tool.

Software Configuration Management

UKUUG Linux Conference 2003

At the UKUUG Linux Conference 2003 a paper called Using buildfarms to improve code was presented. This paper describes a comparison of various buildfarm systems and shows where they break down and what properties a buildfarm should have.

USENIX HotOS '07 workshop

At the HotOS '07 workshop the paper "Purely Functional System Configuration Management" was presented. This paper describes how functional programming techniques can be applied to system configuration management, like a Linux distribution.


SANE 2006

At the SANE 2006 conference the paper Universal Plug and Play: Dead simple or simply deadly? was presented and was given the "Best Paper Award". This paper describes how implementations of the UPnP protocol can be abused to gain access to routers and networks.


At FOSDEM 2008 the UPnP research was presented as well.