Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions offers a wide range of services to help your company with software governance, with a focus on license compliance. We work closely together with varioius specialized and experienced law firms that can optionally provide legal analysis.

Defense assistance in GPL enforcement cases

There are currently several individuals and organizations doing enforcement on Linux kernel code, as well as other open source licensed software, and actively litigate. We can help find out if claims are true, and help formulate a defense strategy, plus work on improving your compliance situation to avoid litigation.

License compliance engineering for binary files

We are one of the leading experts in analysing binaries for software governance and GPL license compliance. We use a combination of manual scanning and automated scanning.

Compliance engineering on source code

Another service we offer is compliance engineering of source code. Using different Open Source license scanners as well as manual review we can quickly identify possible issues in source code, like missing license texts, or the presence of unwanted or undesirable licenses and quickly zoom in on problematic files.


In-house licensing and compliance expertise is a valuable asset. Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions can train key personnel within your company on these topics. Besides becoming experts themselves, we will build their capacity to act as multipliers, helping raise levels of licensing knowledge and competence among the rest of your staff.